Sunday's Sermon

Satan ... Provoked David
1st Chron. 21


A. How would you feel if you knew you were responsible for the death of thousands? 1. Mrs. O'Leary - who had a cow 2. The bombadier at Hiroshima? B. King David of Israel 1. Man after God's own heart. Personally responsible for the death of 70,000 innocent. 2. Died because of his sin C.I. People are hurt when you sin. Body I. David's Sin 1-8 A. Just what was David's sin? 1. Rebelliously doing something that he knew was displeasing to God. a. Isa.30:1 -Woe to the rebellious children b. 1st Sam. 15:23 2. Pride a. Dan.4:30 - Is not this great Bab I built for... b. 1st Sam. 24:5,6 -not the heart of a proud man c. God hates the proud heart -Prov.21:4 d. Prov.11:2 -pride is destructive 3. Faithlessness a. Some campaign God had not commanded b. Looking around at his enemies c. Forgotten what God had already done d. Isa.26:4 -Trust ye in the Lord forever. B. Are we sinning against God? 1. Rebelliously doing what we know is wrong a. Hating -1st John 2:9 - He that saith b. Refusing to submit, commit -Mt.16:24 c. Refusing to speak -Mk.16:15; 1st Peter 3:15 2. Proud of your own accomplishments or thankful to God, 1st Cor.15:10 3. Faithless - He.3:12 - takes you away from God. C.I. People are hurt when you sin. II. David's Punishment 9-15 A. God gave David a choice 1. He didn't have to a. Job 9:12 b. Ps.135:6 2. He has always allowed man to make the choice -Joshua 24:15 B. Why did David choose the pestilence? 1. The easiest -over the quickest READ v.14 2. He would suffer along with the people a. War - not personal danger b. Famine -personal wealth protect his household c. Pestilence -all would suffer 3. God is a merciful God v.15 a. Ps.103:17 b. Lam.3:22, 23 c. Does not want to punish but to bless -2nd Peter 3:9 C. What are you choosing today? 1. Famine -your children, loved ones, Hosea 4:6 2. War - a. Realize who you are fighting -Eph.6:12 b. What will result if Satan wins -1st Peter 5:8 3. Pestilence - you are the pestilence 4. Mercy - a. Repent of your sin - James 4:10 b. Get to work - 2nd Cor.5:10,. 11 C.I. People are hurt when you sin. III. David's Repentance 16-26 A. Notice David's reaction when he is confronted 1. Confession, v.8 a. Honest about his sin Ps.51:3 c. How do we react? It's not my fault -Adam, Gen.3:12 2. Repentance, v.8 - Ps.51:10 3. Willingness to make restitution a. v.16, 17 b. Would not allow another to pay, vs.23, 24 c. We want forgiveness but we don't want to pay the price. B. We can be like David 1. Honest - 1st John 1:9 2. Repent -turn -Acts 3:19 3. Be willing to pay the price -Luke 9:23 C. God wants to repent and bless 1. Ps.103:13 - like a father pitieth his children 2. John 11:35, 36 -"Behold how he loved him!" 3. He.4:15 -our high priest cares Conclusion A. Forgiveness -pestilence ended B. That's what God wants to do for us C.I. People are hurt when you sin. C. God wants to bless - you - children - others 1. Can't until you repent 2. Won't you do that now?