Sunday's Sermon

Why God Gave the Bible
God gave the Bible to draw us to Him.


A. If God did not give the Bible, man did. 1. Just another book. 2. Such a superior book. a. Never contradicts. b. Best instruction on living a full life. c. Told the future with great accuracy B. It is easier to believe that God gave it. C.I. God gave the Bible to draw us to Him. D. This is God's personal ad. I. God Gave the Bible to Reveal Himself A. How many of you like Shakespeare? B. Man could not have made up God. 1. Creates with a word, Gen.1:3 2. Foretell the future -Isa.44:7 3. Loves and cares C. Archeology tells us there was never a time when man did not worship. II. God Gave the Bible to Reveal Christ A. What would you know about Jesus without the Bible. 1. A few legends, historical accounts by unbelievers 2. John 4 - Jesus went out of His way to meet a woman 3. John 11-Jesus weeping over the sorrow of Mary/Marth 4. John 8- Jesus not condemning but forgiven the adulterous woman and offering a chance to start again B. Bible writers revealed teacher of great truths who lived them perfectly. 1. Inspired or miraculously invented these truths 2 Peter 1:20, 21 2. In all other religions men seek God, but in Jesus God sought us. III. God Gave the Bible to Reveal Man to Himself A. God's word is like a mirror in which we see our own sinfulness 1. Ro.7:14-23 2. Josiah, Hezekiah's great grandson, 2Kings 23:25 3. You know it is true. B. People don't like to look in that mirror. Like a young child who was disfigured. C. But we need to look so we can over come that disfigurement. Ro.7:24-25 IV. God Gave the Bible to Reveal Man to Man A. The Bible shows you how you should see your fellow man. 1. A precious soul in need of redemption -Romans 6:23, Ephesians 3:10, 23 2. A valuable person worthy of our service -Phil.2:3 B. The old Indian proverb says "I will not criticize another until I have walked in his moccasins at least two weeks." V. God Gave the Bible to Reveal His Plan of Salvation A. We do not need to seek visions -Jude 3; 2 Tim. 3:15; Eph. 3. B. 7 times in 1 John, "I have written to you..." VI. God Gave the Bible to Reveal Your Destiny A. People have always wanted to know their destiny. B. God has revealed His plan for you, 1 Tim.2:4- its your decision. C. Be sure you are going somewhere. D. By studying the Bible you can know your destiny. Conclusion A. The best part - You can choose your own destiny! 2 Tim.2:11-13 B. What is your decision? What is your decision?