Sunday's Sermon

Why Do I Feel So Depressed?
1 Kings 19



A. Great Bible Characters suffered depression. David Elijah Paul Everyone sitting here over the age of 11 Even our Lord C.I. With God's help you can defeat depression. I. Really admit it to yourself. A. This is hard for Christians to do 1. Depression is not a sin - but it often leads to it 2. Unable to see and accept God's joy B. Before any spiritual problem can be fixed it must be faced. Gal.2:11-21 C. Look at yourself -always tired, sleep a lot, emotional... D. Has something happened in your life? II. Take care of your physical body - 5-8 A. Eat the right foods B. Get the rest you need C. Consult a physician -depression is a state of mind but it is fed by the physical. III. Take your problem to God - 9-13 A. He can handle any problem 1. Hezekiah - Isa. 37 - Sennacharib 2. Abraham and Sarah - Gen 18 B. Realize how much God loves you! 1. John 3:16 2. Romans 5:8 3. He is delaying the judgment - 2 Peter 3:9 C. Matthew 11:28-30 IV. Get busy! 15-17 A. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" 1. So much time to dwell on your problem 2. Instead seek some way to ease another's burdens. B. Get busy doing God's work - 2nd Timothy 2:2 V. Look around for that which is good - 18 A. Don't be na´ve or overlook problems. B. Dwell on spiritual things - Col.3:1,2 C. Think good thoughts -Phil.4:8 VI. Let your brethren help you - 1 Kings 19:19-21 A. Bear one anothers's burdens - Gal.6:1,2 B. Don't try to handle problems alone - you are a part of a body -1 Cor.12:12ff; Romans 12:3-8 C. Think of how much you will be helping them. Conclusion If Christians don't face and fight depression - Satan wins. 1 Peter 5:8 C.I. With God's help you can defeat depression.