Sunday's Sermon

Thou Art The Man

2nd Samuel 12:1-25


A. David had just subdued all of his enemies. 1. Even the Syrians who came to the aid of the Ammonites 2. Sent Joab on a mop-up operation against Rabbah. B. David should have gone himself - looked on Bathsheba 1. Committed adultery 2. Tried to hid it -ordered murder of Uriah the Hittite 3. Thought he had gotten away with it. C.I. Sin cannot be hidden or ignored but must be dealt with. C. Let me remind you - Romans 15:4 Body I. David's Sin Had to be Exposed 1-6 A. Sin cannot be hidden. 1. Luke 12:2 - "For there is nothing covered..." 2. Ho.7:2 - "And they consider not in their hearts that I remember..." 3. When would you rather have sin exposed? B. God sent a prophet with a story. 1. David was the rich man, Uriah the poor, Bathsheba the sheep. 2. How easily we recognize the sins of others. Prov.20:6. Most men will proclaim... C. What would happen if David's sin were not exposed? 1st Cor.5:6 II. David's Sin Had to be Rebuked 7-9 A. Imagine how David felt when he heard "Thou are the man" 1. How did the Jews of Pentecost feel? Acts 2:37 2. How did Saul of Tarsus feel? Acts 9:9 3. How do you feel? B. Remember, "A man after God's own heart" -1st Sam.13:14 1. God had been good to him -1st Sam.17:34-36 2. Had championed Jehovah's cause -1st Sam.17:25-53 C. But now he had "despised the commandment of the Lord". 1. Shown little regard for Ex.20:13. 2. Shown little regard for Ex.20:14. III. David's Sin Had to be Punished 10-12 A. God will not allow sin to go unpunished. 1. Ex.34:7 -"He will by no means clear the guilty." 2. Ps.89:32 - "I will visit their transgressions..." B. "The sword shall never depart". C. "Out of thine own house" 1. Absolom -2nd Sam.15-18 2. "thy wives" -1st Sam.16:20-23 -counsel of Ahithophel. D. Today when we sin God has to punish our sin. 1. If we don't obey we must bear it. Ro.6:23 2. When we obey the Gospel Christ accepts the punishment -Col.2:14 3. When we sin as children we must repent and confess -1st John 1:9 IV. David's Sin Had to be Repented 13 A. "I have sinned" -Ps.51 1. Was David sorry? Vs.1-4 2. Enough? 2nd Cor.7:10 B. God forgave David 1. A forgiving God -Isa.43:25 2. Wants to forgive -Isa.55:7 C. But you have to repent. V. The Consequences of David's Sin Had to be Faced 14-23 A. God took His son -was this cruel to the son? Phil.1:23 B. David prayed -God said "No" -Ps.91:15 "He shall call upon me and I shall answer him." 1. Sometimes children pay for the sins of their parents -Ex.34:7 a. Children of alcoholic b. Children of divorce - child abuse 2. We must bear the consequence of our sin -adulterer -Mt.19:9 VI. The Sin Had to be Put Behind 24, 25 A. They had another son 1. the Lord loved him -1st Kings 3:5-14 -wisdom, riches, long life. 2. Jedidiah - beloved of God B. Today when we sin as Christians and repent we need to put behind.... 1. God does - Isa.1:18. Come now and let us reason together... 2. 1st John 1:9 - faithful He wants to forgive and forget -but can't until..... Conclusion C.I. Sin cannot be hidden or ignored but must be dealt with. C. When we sin... D. When others sin... D. Do you want your sins blotted out?