Sunday's Sermon

Peace Be Still

Mark 4:35-41

  If you trust Jesus nothing can make you fear.

I. When Financial Setbacks Come A. Matthew 6:33 God will make you rich if you obey Him; 1st Timothy 6:10; Matthew 19:16-22. B. Where did God promise you earthly wealth? Phil.4:12 C. How should we react? Job 1:21; Mt.6:19-21 D. Peace Be Still II. When Illness Strikes A. Why did God do this to me? Punishment? 1st Kings 20:1; John 11:1; Phil.2:27 B. Should physical illness upset us? 2nd Cor.12:7-9 C. Peace Be Still III. When Enemies Abound A. Jesus said we would have enemies. John 15:19; Gal.4:16; John 3:19-20 B. But you have a friend, James 2:23; 1st John 1:7; Romans 8:31 C. Peace Be Still IV. Lose Loved Ones A. One of the worst pains a person can feel. John 11:35; Gen.37:34, 35. B. God doesnít want us to sorrow. 1st Ths.4:13-18; 2nd Sam.12:23 C. Peace Be Still V. When Some Fall Away A. When this happens I can better understand. 2nd Cor.11:28; 1st Tim.4:1; 2nd Tim.4:10 B. Who is your faith in? John 3:16 VI. When We Sin A. I canít believe I did that! B. We are going to sin: Ro.3:10; 1st John 1:8,10; Ro.7:14-25 C. God Understands. He.4:15; Ro.3:23-26; 1st John 1:9. D. Peace Be Still