Sunday's Sermon

He Faileth Not


A. Zephaniah is not a book written to comfort Israelites. 1. Sinful people 2. Rebuked warned 3. Doom is approaching B. Comfort for righteous 1. A verse catches your eye. 2. No matter how bleak the picture. C.I. God will never fail you. D. We fail Him but He never fails. Body I. In His Power A. His power is pledged in Christ to work on our behalf. 1. Ro.8:28-32 planned it that way. 2. He.6:13-18 2 immutable things oath and counsel. 3. Gal.3:7 -they which are of faith B. But has your faith begun to fail? 1. What big thing do you want? John 15:7 a. Someone to be converted b. Child to return c. Child to become a Christian d. Be more effective e. Health 2. You must have faith, Ja. 1:5-8 C. Think, if answer is delayed you are being matured 1. David spent some long days and nights waiting. a. Ps.13:1-4 How long, O Lord? b. But He trusted, vs.5,6. 2. Ja.5:7,8 Be patient 3. Ja.1:2-4 making you perfect D. Poem Unanswered yet II. In His Wisdom A. We often ask why? 1. We often ask why? 2. Why do the wicked prosper, Ps.73:2,3 3. So much suffering B. God is wiser than us. What a comfort! 1. 1st Cor.1:25 The foolishness of God a. Saul of Tarsus, Acts 9:26 b. Jesusí humble birth 2. Prov.28:26 He that trusteth in his own heart 3. Ro.1:22 by human wisdom that man rejected God C. There are a lot of things we just donít understand, know, yet! 1. 1st John 3:2 Beloved now we are the sour of God 2. John 16:12 I have yet many things to say unto you. 3. Dan.12:9 words are closed up 4. Mark 13:32 when Jesus will return D. Poem I know not III. In His Love A. What a great love God has for us 1. Father John 3:16 2. Son a. Phil.2:5-8 emptied Himself b. He.12:2 instead of - gave up 3. God is love 1st John 4:16, 18 B. Cause Him to employ power and wisdom 1. Dt.7:8 because God loved them 2. John 3:16 because God loves us 3. Ro.5:8 Jesus is the demonstration of Godís love for us 4. Eph.2:4,5 rich in mercy, for His great love C. His love never fails 1. Jer.31:3 everlasting love 2. 1st Cor.13:13 But now abideth Conclusion A. Nothing stays the same B. He.13:8 what a comfort C. So many things fail C.I. God will never fail you D. Are you failing God?