Sunday's Sermon

The Pleasures of Sin
Hebrews 11:23-29


A. We live in a pleasure-loving age. 1. "Go for the gusto" 2. Humanism is the most prevalent belief. B. We see the results all around us. 1. Crimes 2. Broken homes 3. Suicide C.I. Sin is pleasant momentarily but it is sorrowful in the end. D. Moses had the opportunity to please himself. E. Let us notice 5 facts about the pleasures of sin "The fact is..." I. There Is Pleasure In Sin A. Satan's appeal to Eve was very delightful. Gen.3:4,5 1. "as gods, knowing good and evil" -How would you like 2. Suddenly that fruit became the most pleasant thing a. Just looking at it made her hungry and desiring b. Hit with Satan's old 1-2-3 punch - 1st John 2:16 B. Satan's appeal brings a response to its lure. 1. James 1:14, 15 a. "drawn away... and enticed" -by something that looks good to him. Not sin yet - 2nd Tim. 2:22 b. becomes sin when that lust brings forth action. 2. Many have been trapped by Satan's lures a. Belshazzar - Daniel 5 - banquet of confident power b. The prodigal son - Luke 15:15:11-32 -riotous living C. Why people sin - to gain pleasure. II. That Pleasure Does Not Last or Satisfy A. The Bible tells us that: 1. Hebrews 11:25 - only for a season 2. Eccl.6:7 - "All the labour of man..." 3. Eccl. 12:1 - "I have no pleasure of them..." 4. 2nd Peter 2:17-19 -"promise liberty..." B. Experience and history tell us that: 1. What happened to Belshazzar, prodigal, Solomon? 2. What happens to the drunkard, liar, thief? III. Pleasure Seeking Brings Death A. The Scriptures warn us. 1. 2nd Ths.2:12 - "That they might all be damned..." 2. 1st Tim.5:6 - "But she that liveth in pleasure..." 3. James 5:1-5 - "Go to now ye rich men..." B. History tells us that: 1. Ps.34:21 - an individual's sin kills him/her -Hughes 2. Isa.3:9 - Israel's sin brought her destruction 3. 1st Chron.10:13 - "So Saul died for his transgression..." IV. We Must Choose Between The Pleasures of Sin and Christ. A. Jesus taught a separated life. 1. You cannot serve two masters -Mt.6:19-24 2. Life of pleasure chokes out the Godly life - Luke 8:14 3. John 21:15 - "lovest thou me more than these... 4. Ro.8:8 -"they that are in the flesh..." B. Choice must be made individually. Joshua 24:15 V. Real Pleasure and Happiness Are To Be Found Only In Denying The Pleasures Of Sin. A. The Bible is plain on this fact. 1. 1st John 2:15 - only way to get what brings true joy 2. You must deny your desire - Mt.16:24 3. Then you will be happy - Ps.1:1,2 -"Blessed is the man.." B. Answering these questions will help you see the truth. 1. When did the prodigal son rejoice? 2. Who are the really happy today? 3. Which homes are happy homes? Conclusion A. One day of peace and hope in Christ is worth more... Even if the joys of earth could be made eternal. B. Where are you this morning? C.I. Sin is pleasant momentarily but it is sorrowful in the end. D. Do you want true joy?