Sunday's Sermon

Selfishness: The Home's Greatest Enemy


	A. Greatest single enemy of a happy marriage.
		1. Root of all other sins.
		2. When I am at center-world out of balance
	B. Easy to spot
		1. TV
		2. "In a little while" -children
	C. Natural sin
		1. Baseball - pitch -go home with only ball
		2. Wife suggests I am part of the problem.
	C.I.       It is selfishness that keeps our families from being what 
	           God wants them to be.

  I. I Am The Problem.

	A. I hide my self-interest behind my "rights".
		1. Man who felt cheated by his brother in the division of the 
		   inheritance.  Luke 12:13-22
			a. Make my brother be fair - v.13
			b. Jesus said, "You, my friend have a covetous heart." V.15
			c. Parable of the farmer who was so wealthy he couldn't spend
		           it all, v.20. What happens when consumed by self-concern!
			d. Why?  "My rights"

		2. Satan's first attempt at temptation. Gen.3:1-16
			a. Tempted her with pride. V.5
			b. She wanted to be like God so she looked at that fruit 
                           in a different light. V.6 - 3 forms

		3. Same things Satan uses against us today. 1st John 2:15-16

	B. We have a mistaken notion - man's nature is inherently good.

		1. Two World Wars and endless cold wars and police actions.
		2. If I feel alright it must be o.k.  Jer.17:9
		3. Kids are basically good. Prov.22:15

	C. We must stop thinking we are smarter than God.

		1. We are not. 1st Cor.1:25
		2. If we want our families to be what God wants we have to give 
		   it to God.

  II. I Must Die.

	A. The death principle is the center of the gospel message.

		1. The Lord's Supper - a memorial of Christ's death:  1st Cor.11:26

		2. Baptism- a fullfillment of death principle in individuals: Romans 6:3-5.  
			a. I allow God to dethrone me and Christ to become the center.
			b. "Newness of life", v.4, 2nd Cor.5:17;  
			c. Argentian -"I kill you in the name of ...
			d. Juan Carlos Ortiz:
			e. When Christians theology in Rome became too lenient -Romans 6:1-3
			f. Romans 6:1-17 - mentions death 15 times.
			g. Deposit self in Christ's account - write no more checks - Gal.6:14.
			h. Picture of absolute helplessness and surrender- self-pride 
	                   is opposite
		3. A paradox - I must die to live.  
			a. To fulfill God's purpose -2nd Cor.5:14-15
			b. God replaces my self interest with His Spirit -  Acts 5:32
			c. Victory over self.

	B. I have to surrender my rights.

		1. As I commit sin I become a slave of Satan.  John 8:34 - no rights
			a. Like flies on fly paper
			b. Only an outsider - Jesus - can free me -accept His blood
			c. Become His slave -  Romans 6:17-18

		2. There is no such thing as absolute freedom.

	C. The disciples did not understand this death principle.  

		1. Mt.20-23 - James and John
		2. V.24 - the ten became indignant
		3. Jesus told them "You have to serve."
		4. But we want to be served.


	A. Selfishness is a destroyer.

	B. You can tell where it has been - in families.

C.I.         It is selfishness that keeps our families from being what God wants 
them to be.
C. What do you want your family to be?
D. You must die!