Sunday's Sermon

Has Man Outgrown the Gospel?
Romans 1:16, 17

Introduction A. Times are changing. 1. New soon becomes old, modern ancient. 2. Technological breakthroughs, popular lost in latest, up-to-date out of date. B. Some think man has outgrown the gospel. 1. Absolute is obsolete. 2. Self and sensuality replace the idea of sin and death. 3. Ridicule need for forgiveness and miracles (virgin birth, resurrection) C. Eternal truth never changes. 1. Once for all Jude 3 2. Jesus He.13:8 3. Changers are accursed Gal.1:6-9. C.I. Man will never outgrow his need for the gospel. I. The Only Way to Outgrow the Gospel is to conquer Sin. A. He has not. 1. Ro.3:23 is still true. 2. Look at yourself. B. Sin is still breaking Godís Law. 1st John 3:4 1. Violating your conscience Romans 14:23 2. Not doing what you know you should - James 4:17 C. Have you outgrown these things? II. God, Not Man Determines What is Sinful. A. The God who does not change does not change His definition of sin. 1. Call it what you will itís still sin. Abortion, adultery, theft, lying. B. Forgiveness is still manís most basic spiritual need. Ro.6:23; Eph.1:3,7 C. Forgiveness comes only through the gospel. Ro.1:16 III. Only the Gospel Is the Power to Overcome Temptation. A. Eph.6:17 helmet of salvation. It guards our thinking. 1. Ja.1:12-15 sin starts as temptation not sin 2. The gospel story of Jesus Christ-strengthens us to stop B. We are still tempted. 1.1st John 2:15-17 2. You cannot overcome without the power of the written word - He.4:12 IV. Satan Still Wants You! A. Still a roaring lion 1st Peter 5:8 1. Still working in the disobedient - Eph.2:2 2. Still blinding the perishing - 2nd Cor.4:4 B. Only the gospel has ever overcome Satan. Rev.12:10, 11 C. No new invention has been discovered. Ro.1:16 V. The Soul of Man Still Needs Food A. We need real soul food. Mt.4:4 1. Jim McGuiggin 2. John 6:41-58; 67-68 B. Man still hungers after righteousness. Mt.5:6 1. It is only 2. We need to desire it. 1st Peter 2:2; He.5:12-14. VI. Man Still Needs to Know How to Get to Heaven A. Men have always tried to build their own road to heaven. 1. Tower of Babel Gen.11 2. New Age Movement B. Manís roads will only get you lost. 1. Faith only direct operation of the Spirit, OSAS 2. These are all just lanes of that broad way that leads to destruction. Mt. 7:13-14 C. The gospel is the only way to heaven. John 14:16. Conclusion A. Times may change but Godís word never will. 1. It will never become outdated or outmoded. 2. It still is the only thing with the power to save. C.I. So man will never outgrow his need for the gospel. B.If you want to get home you must go by the way of the cross. (taken from Firm Foundation)