Proper Attitudes Toward God


Scripture reading: Psalms 119


The Desire To Seek God - A great desire to seek God with our whole hearts

This should be our greatest priority in this life!


Reverent Awe Of God


The Desire To Seek Understanding From Him

God's word tells us how to have life and how to preserve it.  We cannot treat the bible or our relationship with God as if we can take it or leave it.  The bible is a love letter from God.




Submissive Attitude

God is always right.  We just need to trust Him and obey Him.

If we know that the words of the Lord are always true and flawless why would we want to disobey them?


Thanksgiving and Praise


Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the bible. It is as though the author cannot say enough to extol the marks of the law of the Lord and the Lord Himself.  Our attitude should be the same.