Total of Five Books

Names of Books Abbreviation Author Synopsis Main Theme / Key Thought
Job Job Unknown The problem of Job’s affliction is poetic and pictorial of human suffering The malignant power of Satan. Also, the use of suffering in the divine plan as a means of perfecting character.
Psalms Ps Mostly, David * See Below One hundred and fifty spiritual songs and poems. The predominant themes are prayer and praise.
Proberbs Pr Mostly, Solomon attributed A collection of moral and religious maxims containing instruction concerning right living. Fear the Lord
Ecclesiastes Ecc Uncertain, Solomon attributed The reflections and experiences of a philosopher whose mind is in conflict over the problems of life. Nothing else matters except to Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.
Song of Solomon SS Solomon Regarded as a spiritual allegory, representing the holy affections existing between God and his chosen people or Christ and his church. Bridegroom represents Christ, and the bride is the church.

* Attributed to David, 73; to sons of Korah, 11; to Asaph, 12; to Heman, 1; to Ethan, 1; to Solomon, 2; to Moses, 1; to Haggai, 1; to Zechariah, 1; to Hezekiah, number doubtful; to Ezra, 1; the remainder anonymous.