Total of Twelve Books

12 Minor Divisions

Names of Books Abbreviation Author Synopsis Main Theme / Key Thought
Hosea Hos Hosea The apostasy of Israel, characterized as spiritual adultery. Message directed to the Northern Kingdom. Formal call to repentance and promises of future blessings.
Joel Joel Joel National repentance and its blessings. Day of the Lord
Amos Am Amos Impending judgments on surrounding nations; Threatening discourses against Judah and Israel; The call to Israel to see God in sincerity. Denouncement of selfishness and sin
Obadiah Ob Unknown The doom of Edom and final deliverance of Israel. Godís special providential care over the Jews, and the certainty of punishment of those who persecute them.
Jonah Jnh Jonah Obedience and the depth of divine mercy. The peril of running away from duty and religious bigotry; employment of imperfect men as channels of truth; the wideness of Godís mercy.
Micah Mic Micah Coming judgments; promises of deliverance; particular sins condemned; future hopes of a righteous kingdom, Messiah King, and Divine grace. A dark picture of the moral condition of Israel and Judah, but foretelling the establishment of a messianic kingdom in which righteousness will prevail.
Nahum Na Unknown The Destruction of Nineveh. Judah is promised deliverance from Assyria. Divine vengeance for those who turn away from God.
Habakkuk Hab Unknown The prophetís perplexity over the mystery of unpunished evil in the world. The mysteries of providence.
Zephaniah Zep Zephaniah Threatening of God with a vision of the future glory of Israel. The coming of a glad day
Haggai Hag Haggai People rebuked for slackness in building the second temple, but promised a return of Godís glory when the building was completed. Sharp rebukes for neglecting the rebuilding of the temple.
Zechariah Zec Zechariah The ultimate triumph of Godís kingdom. The coming of the Messiah King and the dawning of a brighter day for Zion.
Malachi Mal Malachi The robbing of God through the sins of a dishonest, ungrateful people, and an unfaithful priesthood. A graphic picture of the closing period of Old Testament history, showing the necessity of reforms before the coming of the Messiah.