Total of Five Books

Names of Books Abbreviation Author Synopsis Main Theme / Key Thought
Isaiah Isa Isaiah Events leading up to captivity (chapters 1-39), and predictions, warnings, promises to events beyond captivity to the Christian dispensation. Isaiah is known as the prophet of redemption. This book is full of messianic prophecies and the woes pronounced on sinful nations.
Jeremiah Jer Jeremiah Rebukes, warnings, and promises to the Jews. Predictions of divine judgments, the overthrow of Jerusalem, and the seventy years of captivity. The backsliding, bondage, and restoration of the Jews
Lamentations La Jeremiah Ruin of Jerusalem. Jeremiah’s grief over the afflictions of his people, and his trust in God. The former glory of Israel contrasted with their misery A series of dirges in the form of an acrostic, written as if for a national funeral, portraying the capture and destruction of Jerusalem.
Ezekiel Eze Ezekiel A portrayal of the apostate condition of Judah, and predictions and promises concerning the means by which the glory of the nation is to be restored. I am the Sovereign Lord.
Daniel Da Daniel Six moral conflicts of Daniel. The controlling hand of God moving the scenes in the panorama of history. The sovereignty of God over the affairs of men in all ages.

Dirge: a song or poem of grief or mourning. Acrostic: a poem in which certain letters in each line, as the first or last, spell out a word, motto, etc. Apostate: a person guilty of apostasy. Apostasy is the abandonment of what one believes in.