Total of Five Books

Names of Books Abbreviation Author Synopsis Main Theme / Key Thought
Genesis GE Moses Record of the early history of the chosen people Manís sin, and the initial steps taken for his redemption by a divine covenant made with a chosen race, whose early history is portrayed here.
Exodus EX Moses The bondage, deliverance, and beginning history of Israel on the way to Canaan, under the leadership of Moses The history of Israel from the death of Joseph to the erection of the tabernacle.
Leviticus LEV Moses The book of laws concerning morals, cleanliness, food, etc. It teaches access to God through sacrifices. How can sinful man approach a holy God?
Numbers NU Moses The forty years of wandering in the wilderness. Unbelief bars entrance to abundant life
Deuteronomy DT Moses A repetition of the laws given to Israel shortly before entering Canaan. Divine requirement of obedience.