Sister To Sister


The Navajo Way... Navajo's believe that you have to wait for a harvest.
You have to plant in good soil, water, weed,
and take care of your plant to keep it healthy
and then wait, and wait until it is ready to harvest.
It is not up to you to go straight to harvest time when
you've just planted. The plants need the rough wind,
the hot sun, and the strong pelting rains to mature
the plant and make it strong.

The same is true for God's word. It must be
planted, watered, weeded, and taken care of before it
will come to harvest. Waiting is the hard part. Going
through the hot sun, rough winds, and strong pelting
rains are hard too, but knowing God is there with you
and waiting for you makes it so much easier. Know that
after you have weathered the tough times God has
molded you into the kind of person he wants you to be.
He has made you stronger. And you will be ready for
the harvest which is to come!