Sister To Sister


Did you ever wonder why God put your face in the front instead of the back of your body? Probably because He wants us to look to the future, and not look back at the past. He tells us that all through His Word, you know. Baptism is for the forgiveness of sins -- buried with Christ, and arising out of the watery grave to lead a new life in Christ. It buries all the past sins, no looking back at them --they are buried. There is no use feeling guilty over them either remember they are buried. Instead we are suppose to go forward and look to the new life in Christ. First, here on earth, we get to show everyone our joy in Christ. We have the privilege to teach them how to give their lives over to Christ so they may know the same joy. Then, we also get to look forward to heaven. God has prepared such a beautiful home for us for eternity! Thatís something to really look forward to! Remember -- quit looking at the past and keep going forward!