Sister To Sister


A father who loves his young son dearly is visiting him in the hospital where he is recovering from an illness. All of the other children in the room have a fatal disease that they cannot ever hope to recover from unless an antibody is found.

He knows his son has the antibody in him, so he therefore cannot contract the disease. But it also means a big decision for the father. The doctors had come to ask him if they could use his son to save all the other children. It would mean that his son would die and all the other children would live.

Can you put yourself in his position for a moment? How would YOU feel? Your son is a part of you. You cherish him, yet feel compassion for all of the other children and their parents. What a decision!

Now look at what God did for US. He gave us His Sonís life his blood that will cleanse us from that nasty disease of sin. To save all of us. Do you think any of those other parents would have hesitated if it meant that their own child would live?


Then why is it so hard for us to share what God did for us with others? They need that antibody Christ to save them from that deadly disease. Wonít you tell someone you love how God can save them too?