Sister To Sister

2 Teach + 2 Touch lives= 4 ever

Iím sure most of you have seen this logo on some clothes that teachers wear. I have one that is on a sweatshirt that Peggy gave me. And it is so true. Most of us will teach someone something in our lifetime. Now the question is: what will you be teaching? Will it be a Bible Class that at some point you will say something that will stick with a little life forever? Will you help them learn scripture that will remain with them for all their lives? Will you teach them to lean on God when they have a problem, or will you show them in that in your life you rely on yourself? Teaching comes in different ways. By word of mouth and by your actions. Will it help those who see you teach and hear your words to trust God, and then worry yourself to death over some trivial matter during the week ? Mommies are teachers all the time. So are sisters letís remember that when we open our mouth what am I teaching right now?