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Sunday School Curriculum Standards

Cradle Roll (ages 1-3) Sitting still Creation God exists God/Jesus loves you God made the world and everything in it Basic Bible stories Repeating prayer (with emphasis on thanksgiving)*
Preschool (ages4-kindergarten) Books of the Bible (NT) Names of the Apostles Playing Together (add suppliction)*
Grades 1-3 Books of the Bible (OT) Fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:21) Armor of God Psalm 23 Praying together (add acknowledgement)*
Grades 4-6 Time Line of the Bible (Bible periods from Creation to birth of Christ) Divisions of the Bible How to use a Concordance Plan of Salvation Reading from the Bible Praying together (add Confession)*
Grades 7-12 How to do a personal Bible Study Meaning of Salvation How to Evangelize Learn about the New Testament church How to live a Christian life What is a Christian family Doctrinal issues Praying together (leading prayer)

-These guidelines are not meant to replce your curriculum. They can be used in conjunction with your curriculum. Perhaps these standards can be focused on during the last ten or fifteen minutes of class. These are just things that we would like the kids to know when they leave a class. Also, if you can think of any other items that should be added, please let David or Glen know.
As a congregation, we will have memory verses, one verse per month. You will find them in the bulletin. In the beginning, We will focus on the Plan of Salvation.
-*There is an anagram of how to remember parts of a prayer,