He Made Us To Be Kings, Priests,

Ambassadors and Servants




The bible tells us that we have been made a kingdom of king and queen priests to serve the most high God.  We are "a holy nation", a purified nation.  That's who we are, and we must never forget who we are.  Next time you feel like a nobody on the bottom rung of the ladder, just remind yourself that you are a royal priest of God.  People may not recognize you as that, you may not even "feel" like you are that.  But that's the reality.  That's what and who you are, if you have obeyed the Lord Jesus.



Paul considered himself Christ's ambassador.  What is an ambassador?  He is an authorized representative of a sovereign.  He speaks not in his own name but on behalf of the ruler whose deputy he is, and his whole duty and responsibility is to interpret that rulerís mind faithfully to those to whom he is sent.  Paul used this "ambassador" image twice -- both in connection with his evangelistic work.


Paul called himself an ambassador because he knew that when he proclaimed the gospel facts and promises and urged sinners to receive the reconciliation effected at Calvary, he was declaring Christ's message to the world.  The figure of ambassadorship highlights the authority Paul had, as representing his Lord, as long as he remained faithful to the terms of his commission and said neither less nor more than he had been given to say.



"Servant" in our English New Testament usually represents the Greek doulos (bond slave).  Sometimes it means diakonos (deacon or minister); this is strictly accurate, for doulos and diakonos are synonyms.  Both words denote a man who is not at his own disposal, but is his masters purchased property.  Bought to serve his master's needs, to be at his beck and call every moment, the slave's sole business is to do as he is told.  Christian service therefore means, first and foremost, living out a slave relationship to one's Savior.


What work does Christ set his servants to do?  The way that they serve him, he tells them, is by becoming the slaves of their fellow servants and being willing to do literally anything, however costly, irksome, or undignified, in order to help them, This is what love means, as he himself showed at the Last supper when he played the slave's part and washed the disciples' feet.



Notice the progression?  King/Queens, Priests, Ambassadors, Servants.  It covers the top, to the bottom.  What does it take to be a great king/queen?  Be a servant of the people and not think of yourself, Gifted leaders who are self-centered and loveless are a blight to the kingdom, in our case the church rather than a blessing.  Priest (who represent God) or ambassadors (who represent the king) who seek their own desires are not seeking the good of the people, the king or God.  What makes a great servant?  A great servant serves out of love and serves all equally.


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